07/20/2020 Superintendent Message



Hello Spartan Families,  

Governor Newsom held a press conference last Friday regarding the reopening of schools.  Up until this day he and the CDE had left the reopening of schools under local control, meaning our school board, and in accordance with CDC and CDE guidelines. That officially changed on Friday. There was a great deal of information but obviously the main take-away was that if your school district is in a county on a watch list (which Sutter County is on) then under a forthcoming executive order by the Governor, your school is to open through distance learning only.  There are specific parameters that are involved to be a county on the watch list and how you come off the watch list.  Once we come off the watch list then we will have to wait 14 days until we can have in person education. 

I know and understand that we all have our opinions regarding this virus, how to stay safe, and what is best for our students.  I want you to know that we had, and still have a plan when we are able to reopen, for our students to be on site according to the guidelines from the CDE and CDC. We will now add virtual and distance learning to our phased plan. 

Here are some relevant thoughts:  

·       This is an executive order directly from the Governor; subsequently districts and boards that don't comply could face legal, funding, and liability consequences based on information I have received. As a rural school district superintendent, I have tested the previous limits of the county health department and administration recommendations with our graduation and other events.  This situation is far different as it comes directly from the Governor's office and is connected to a health order. 

·        In-Person Reopening Criteria

o   If a local health jurisdiction (LHJ) has been on the state monitoring list within the last 14 days, the school and school district must conduct distance learning only, until the LHJ has been removed from the monitoring list for at least 14 days.


   • This form of distance learning will not be like last spring.  There will be accountability, attendance, and grades that rise and fall. We will have a daily schedule and there will be virtual ‘live’ instruction for a portion of each day. We had a phased reopening plan and we will now add this virtual learning to that plan.
   • CIF made an announcement today. Here are the main points.
      • July 20, 2020 CIF Statement Regarding 2020-21 Sports Calendar and Bylaw Modifications SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has determined, in collaboration with our 10 Sections, that education-based athletics for the 2020-2021 school year will begin with a modified season of sport schedule (see following pages for 2020-21 sports calendar). Our calendar reflects the season for each CIF sport and the last date for Section Championships and          • Regional/State Championships in those sports where a Regional/State Championship is currently offered. Following this announcement, each CIF Section Office will release their own calendar to reflect regular season starting and ending dates and Section playoffs. It is anticipated that most Section start dates will commence in December 2020 or January 2021.
   • The Northern Section has released their own press release.  Please go here to look this link : https://www.cifns.org/landing/index

   • Our entire Spartan staff will meet this challenge head on and we will do our absolute best to educate your children to the best of our abilities.
   • I have no idea when Sutter County will come off the watch list. There is a metric for when a county comes off the watch list and then further guidelines when a school returns to on site education. 

That's probably enough for now.  I will be in touch at the end of this week and certainly a great deal during the week beginning July 27th. I am sure this is a great deal to digest. I am also sure that you have many questions as do I actually.  Although I am on the road in the Midwest visiting my mother and family, I am happy to answer as many questions that you may have.  We will have more answers over the next two weeks, but please never hesitate to reach out to me as I welcome any chance to speak to our parents.  

My beloved Spartan Community, there's no way to put a nice spin on this; however, the safety of our students and staff have always been one of my and our highest priorities. Although sudden and direct this executive order has at its core this in mind.  I think we all knew this was going to be difficult no matter what so...here's my pep talk...it will be crucial that we band together and make the best of this situation. We figured out a way to do this once before in about two weeks. It certainly wasn’t the best situation but we got through it...we now have over a month to prepare.... we know our gaps, we know what worked and what didn't, and we have experience with virtual learning.  We will be back at school, hopefully soon and safely. This is also the 'latest' information, not the 'last'.  I have learned that nothing is for certain in today's climate.  

Be well, be safe, and please know that I am thinking about all of ya'll... 

All my best and thanks for all you do... 

Mark Beebe     July 20, 2020




Good Evening Spartan Families,

I hope this message finds you as safe as can be and staying cool. As we near the end of this incredibly complex, strange, tragic and odd school year it is now time to discuss the future and specifically our Spartans futures at East Nicolaus High School. I am attaching a survey here at the end. This is valuable to us as we plan and prepare for next year. Thank You…

As of today I wish I had clear and direct answers for our students, staff, and families. There are few things I do know for sure:

· Budget

o There is a large state budget shortfall due to the COVID shut down that will impact multiple aspects of our school. We are going over this information, making plans for the next two years for certain and probably at least three years. This particular budget shortfall is actually worse than 2008-2012 times as it is so immediate and sudden rather than a slow steady downturn. For those who struggle at math like myself, roughly 10% will be cut as of the latest budget project. I have been through this before and please know that we will remain calm and steady. Each district in our state will have a different answer for their budget cuts. We are in the human being business and it is important to know that ALL the human beings that serve our students are important; however, difficult decisions will be made, but we will certainly work to minimize that impact. 

· The CDC and California department of Education has established broad guidelines for how to reopen school in the fall. I am sure, like many of us, that distance learning is the last thing we want to go back to 100%. The goal is to be back on campus, with safety as our priority, on August 19th in some fashion or another.

o This reopening has significant impact on our students coming back on campus and being safe. This will impact everything we do. Coming on to campus, Transportation, gathering in the quad, locker usage, number of students in class, safety of staff and students, bathroom usage, locker room usage, lunch, leaving school. I always think of a school as a small city and now we have to take a serious look at how we run our city and keep our citizens safe.

o There are multiple models being discussed all over the world, nation, and state. There are some good ideas and some rather far-fetched. We are discussing multiple models that are reflective of our small and rural nature.

o Although really not that far away, August 19th is a long way from today in the current climate we live in. There are bound to be multiple new directives and updated guidance from many agencies in the next few months. I wish I could tell that you it won’t be complicated but it will and for a time, hopefully a short time, our reality.

o Our goal is to be on campus on August 19th and provide options to our students and families.

· Sports, AG, and Activities

o This area, like our academics is of great importance to our students, staff, community, and our Spartan traditions. 

o This area will require a great deal more planning, care, and monitoring than being in the classroom due to the proximity, contact, and potential for interacting with those not in our community during games.

o Again transportation, weight room access, gym access, cleaning, locker room access, and all elements associated with playing a sport, participating in an activity, and being amongst and around each other in close confines of these activities and sports.

o We also, at this time, have no idea if other schools that we have on our schedule will even field teams. We play schools in multiple counties and sections. Each county and section will have their own guidance and directives that schools will ultimately follow the best way they can.

· Thoughts and Next steps

o This is uncharted territory, at least in the last 100 years, for schools, students, staff, parents, and education in general on all levels from pre-k to college.

· A pandemic and now coupled with a massive budget shortfall. 

o There are really no concrete and complete answers. Safety is a priority for everyone. Keeping all of our students and staff safe is where we start. No one wants to do distance learning any longer; but for a while we may need to offer parents and students options and hybrid formats to ensure their comfort level during these difficult times.

o Please know that I value your opinions. There are so many opinions on so many elements of our society right now. I am squarely focused on how best to keep our students and staff safe, educate our students, and provide a pathway to returning to a normal structure. We will make decisions that will be directly reflective of our focus.

I know this is a very long email with a great deal of information. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Please reach out to me privately if you have questions. 


Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal

Family Survey




Good Afternoon Spartan Students and Families,

I hope this note finds you well. This message will look similar to the one I sent out last week. Please note that we have made a few changes to our plan.

We would like to propose the following:

  • This week, Monday through Thursday (Freshman June 1st, Sophomores June 2nd, Juniors June 3rd, and Seniors June 4th) we would like our Spartan students to come on to campus for locker clean out, textbooks, athletic uniforms, chrome books, and hotspots. Please have Students arrive beginning at 10:00 am. We are utilizing the student parking lot for entry and exit. We will have red marks on the ground much like in other businesses and will supervise the movement of students to constantly remind them to socially distance.

  • Each student and parent if you come on to campus as well, should have some form of facial covering on (e.g. mask, bandanna, something to cover the mouth and nose). I understand that there are many opinions regarding masks; however, this is a priority as we are following the CDC guidelines as we will be outside then inside then outside. Like many businesses we are waiting for a mask delivery but as of last Friday we have not received them. We have a minimal supply if you need a facial covering.

  • We will have a temperature check station upon students entering campus, we will give each student a mask if they do not have one and then begin the process of having them clean out their lockers. Students will enter the library to return their chrome books, hot spots if you asked for one, and their textbooks. Please see attached Map.

  • If you have any athletic uniforms and or equipment, please bring it during this time as well.

  • We would like to provide a lunch to our students. We will hand the students a lunch as they exit the library and then there is expectation that each student will leave campus at that point to avoid congregation. We anticipate this drop-off and textbook event will take about an hour.

  • We have been waiting and hoping for our yearbooks but I must now announce that I doubt our yearbooks will be here by tomorrow. Multiple production and distribution centers were shut down across the country due to the nationwide shutdown due to the COVID virus. I can only apologize for this inconvenience and in a time when we need to enjoy something positive this would have been a nice moment. I expect them to be here in either mid to late June. We will certainly reach out to all parents and students when they arrive.

  • I completely understand and respect your position if you are even remotely uncomfortable allowing your child to come to school on this day. Please reach out to us privately if you wish to return these items in a more isolated manner. We will certainly accommodate your needs.


  • We will have multiple staff on hand to supervise and assist.

  • Please wipe down all devices, textbooks and wash uniforms please.

  • This is all new to us and for you as well. As we have been doing for roughly 75 days lets be patient, flexible, and understanding as this is uncharted territory.


Mark H. Beebe

Superintendent / Principal









Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend Spartan Staff, Students, Families and Community,

This is a quick note to say Hello and I hope you are as well as can be. I always want our parents and students to know how thankful I am for your support, flexibility and patience during these odd and difficult times.

You have had read many messages from me in the past 67 days total and 43 school days, yes a great many days. I do not recall, amongst the many messages, if I just said Have a Great weekend!!!!!! We will need to discuss a number of issues in the upcoming weeks that will pertain to the end of the year, our current budget projections and impact, and reopening for next year. But for now I want to just say I hope that you are able to spend time with family and friends safely of course, and recall those who have given their lives for our freedoms as we honor Memorial Day. As we step out into the light a little bit, I am looking forward to smelling BBQ’s, enjoying he weather that is dialed up, and my horse riding lessons….ok well maybe two out of three :^).

As I have said to all the Seniors and their families that we visited, the one truly lesson I have learned during this time is that of connection and its absence in my life. I have missed our students, our staff, our parents, and our community members. At my seasoned age, this lesson is an opportunity for reflection amongst many others during this time. I wish all in our Spartan Community Peace, Safety, Blessings, and my humbled appreciation for your faith, support, and flexibility.

All my Best,

Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal
East Nicolaus High School

Memorial Day





Good Evening Senior Spartan Students and Families,

I hope this note finds you well. I want to thank all of our parents, families, and students for an amazing cap and gown event last Friday. I think we will make that a new tradition here at East Nicolaus and you will always be the first class that started it. As we near the end of the school year in a few weeks, we must prepare for our regular end of the year locker clean out, textbook turn in, chrome book turn in, hotspot turn in, and etc. Obviously in the strange world that we now reside, this activity takes planning and precautions. I would like to propose the following:

► On Thursday June 4th I would like our 2020 Senior class to come on to campus. Students should arrive at 10:00 am. We will have marks on the ground much like in retail stores and will supervise the movement of students to constantly remind them to socially distance.
► Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves and will socially distance themselves away from the students.
► We will have a temperature check upon students entering campus, we will give each student a mask if they do not have one and then begin the process of having them clean out their lockers, return their chrome books and hotspots if they have one, and return their textbooks and clear their bills.
► We would like to provide a lunch to our students. We will ensure that they are socially distanced, and arrange our quad for them to be able to eat and chat, and say hello and goodbye for the summer. At noon or so all students will need to leave school unfortunately.
► I completely understand if you are even remotely uncomfortable allowing your child to come to school. Please reach out to me privately if you wish to return these items in a more isolated manner.

Tomorrow evening I will be sending out a message regarding our plans for our June 5th parade / drive through ceremony and also our plans for our traditional graduation ceremony in June or July. Please know that we working through ideas as things change rather quickly in the governmental world. I will keep you up to date as quickly as I can. I can’t imagine what many of you have gone through on multiple levels of life. I hope that by consistently stating it that how much I appreciate your support, positive input, and flexibility during these odd days. Please know that we discuss these events at length and are truly trying to figure out the best course of action to celebrate our seniors and their families.

Mark H. Beebe

Superintendent / Principal





Good Evening Spartan Parents,

Tomorrow we are having our Cap and Gown handout at our football field. Tuesday I sent an email regarding this event. I wanted to remind you of this event. We will begin our event at 7:30 pm. Please begin parking by 7:00 or so.

I sympathize and apologize that many members of your family may not be able to fit in one car. We will be using both parking lots for this event so parking is limited to our 75 vehicles in the gravel parking lot. We have a number of ideas to increase the number of extended family for our planned June 5th drive through graduation ceremony.

In the message on Tuesday evening I mentioned ‘cars’. As many in our community drive Trucks, as do I, I didn’t mean to imply that only ‘cars’ are allowed, but I should have said ‘vehicles’. All I ask is that everyone stay inside the ‘confines’ of their vehicle (car, truck, etc.).

Obviously we are hopeful that all of our seniors and their families to attend this event; however, if you are unable to attend this event, we will be sad not to see you but we also understand that life happens. We will personally deliver your cap and gown beginning next Tuesday morning to you if that is the case.

Remember to look for your child’s name along the fence line, park there, then we will direct you to begin.

  ► Please stay in the confines of your vehicle.

  ► Go slowly and enjoy the moment.

  ► Make sure that you check out the surprises around the track, watch for the HUGE surprise at the end of your drive.

  ► We are truly looking forward to seeing all of you.


Mark Beebe



Good Afternoon Senior Spartans and Families,

As always I hope this note finds you as well as can be.  As we near the end of the year it is now time to begin our end of the year senior activities that we have previously mentioned.  Our first event will be this Friday 5/15/2020 (20/20/20 is the reason we chose this night) for our Cap and Gown handout.  This event will also serve as a trial run for our drive through graduation ceremony on June 5thPlease remember that we are still planning on having our traditional graduation at either the end of June or the end of July as state directives on gatherings are eased.   

For this Friday evening the following are the arrangements:

► One car per graduate for this event. 

First and foremost all parties must stay in their cars the entire time they are on campus per the Sutter Yuba County Health Dept. order of May 11th, 2020. Please see our website for this order and for this email and our map for Friday’s event. 

For June 5th this will look different as graduates will leave their cars with their parents and family; however for this event all parties will stay in their cars. 

I would like for parents to drive the cars and for the graduate to sit in the passenger seat and or rear passenger seat as we hand out the cap and gowns.  Our reasons for this as we are going to be live this event streaming this on Facebook and Instagram. 

At 7:00 pm we would like our cars to begin parking in their designate spots on the gravel parking lot.  Names will be mostly in Alphabetical order and there will be a sign on the fence that faces the football field. This sign will have the students name and a number. Staff will be on hand to assist and coordinate.

At 7:30 we will begin releasing cars one by one in order to begin their drive towards the northern end of the gravel parking lot, making a left turn at the water pump and onto the track to make their way around towards the home field side. Seniors and their families will stop in front of the press box where we will hand them their cap and gown.  

Multiple staff will be on hand to assist, say hello, and cheer on our graduates and families.

Families will exit through the gate near the ticket booth and are humbly invited to return to their assigned spot in the gravel parking lot.

• At 8:20 (2020 in military time) our stadium lights will go on for our on-going Be the Light moment. 

Please stay in your cars

Our event will conclude 20 minutes later as the lights go off at 8:40. 

See below for an aerial view of the football field, path of travel, and exit. 

We are very much looking forward to this evening to see our seniors and their families. Please know that we are one of a very few schools that are having an event like this at this time. There will be media present. This event works well as long as everyone stays in their cars and does not ‘congregate’.  If you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to an evening of honoring our 2020 seniors. 


It’s Always a Great Day to Be a Spartan




Mark Beebe

Cap and Gown Route Map



Good Evening Senior Students and Parents,

After bombarding you with emails for weeks on end, I wanted to give you a little break.  I want to always begin by thanking all of our senior parents and students for your flexibility, support, and frankly grit during these difficult and odd times.  Neil, Jake, and I have had thoroughly enjoyed visiting our seniors and saying ‘hello’ and taking a quick video.  We have visited about 30% of our seniors and their families and we Will find our way to your house at some point. I am also happy to hear that distance learning is ‘working’.  I apologize up front as this email may be a bit lengthy so please hang in there with me.  

There have been significant and recent messages from our federal, state, and local leaders regarding our country, state, and county reopening.  Although these messages are at times confusing they are seemingly directed at the work force and I am hopeful that our families who are out of work can return to work safely, my main focus is on our school, students, staff, and community.  As you know we are closed until May 29th. I doubt we will re-open for ‘school’ but I am eternally hopeful that we can bring our students on to campus safely to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and hopefully pass out yearbooks. With that focus I continually look for changes in the amount of people who can be in one place, the use of protective gear, and social distancing.  The health and welfare of our students, staff, families, and our community will forever be my number one concern and decision driver.  

I want to outline our senior events and graduation plans as of Today.  I emphasize ‘Today’ as if there are changes in the guidelines for our county we can downshift and or upshift to our traditional graduation; however, we have based our plans on what the guidelines are as of Today. Please know that we are determined to have a traditional graduation at some point. Our seniors and our families have earned that honor. 

We would like to have our senior parents decorate the front doors of their homes.  Please click on the link provided: ENHS Class of 2020 - Front Door Challenge

All of these are planned events. Meaning we intend to do All of them. These events will need to be monitored to adhere to the 10-person rule, but by using cars and people staying in cars we are able to stay within that directive. Additionally, we will be in contact and require consultation with local law enforcement for these events as well. 

• On May 15th beginning at 7:30 pm we are having a cap and gown handout on our track in our stadium.  The plan is for parents of our seniors to drive their car onto the track entering by the water pump, slowly driving towards the score board and we will hand the cap and gowns through the window to each senior.  We would like our parents to drive the vehicle.  After receiving your cap and gown we would like you to park in the student parking lot and if our timing is right the lights will go on for our long running Be the Light Challenge at 8:20 pm. We have multiple surprises during this event that we are excited about to showcase our seniors.  

If we can figure it out and safely to do so, we would like to have our seniors come on to campus on June 4th for yearbook handout and a ‘hello and goodbye’. 

June 5th is our scheduled graduation ceremony.  If and I repeat IF the limited congregation guidelines are still in place (no more than 10 people in one space and mass gatherings), then we are planning a drive through graduation.  It will look much like the May 15th cap and gown handout, but we will have many more aspects to highlight this event. We are planning for a parade from Nicolaus all the way to our school (dependent upon law enforcement) (hopefully family and friends along the route cheering you on), entering the track, the graduate and their families getting out the car, graduate walking on a red carpet, receiving a diploma from ENHS administration and board members, a live video on FB, and even hopefully a live video displayed on a big screen. The graduate drives away. There is a great deal of moving parts to this plan but we are confident we can do this.

Here are two articles that are examples of this plan:



Possible dates of Traditional and comprehensive graduation ceremonies. If the mitigation is enhanced, meaning allowing more people in one space, then we can have a traditional graduation.  If it happens before June 5th GREAT, then we will rock it.  If not, then we will have the drive through graduation and schedule a traditional graduation on Thursday June 25th and if we need to push it further July 30th.  We have chosen those dates on a Thursday so that we can have grad night and then two days later on the following Saturday (June 27th or August 1st) our prom that was postponed. 

Depending upon the guidelines, any dates after these we will tackle when that time comes.  There is winter break for our students who are in college but that is cold; additionally, there is the following spring break as well. We are even open to having two separate graduations at the end of next year.  Again we are determined at some point when we can safely to have a traditional graduation for our 2020 seniors. 

A few events that we are planning for next year for our graduates. 

We want to honor our 2020 graduates at our homecoming football game between the JV and Varsity games.  We are going to carve out an hour to announce and honor our 2020 graduates.  

I want to emphasize that this plan is not set in stone.  There are many moving parts and require approval from a few local agencies. Our Spartan staff is determined to figure out a way to honor our seniors and their families as best as we can.  There will undoubtedly be many plans and ideas that you will hear and read about.  I have heard of many: Limited attendance with only two guests, virtual, live stream, an indoor event, staggered graduates over multiple days, and others. These are all good ideas for their communities but as I have spoken to our parents and students and they, along with our staff, want a traditional Spartan graduation and when it is safe and the guidelines are relaxed we WILL have our traditional ceremonial East Nicolaus High School graduation.  The plans above provide celebrations in a fashion but at some point we will accomplish this goal of watching our 2020 Seniors graduate appropriately and with the honor they have earned. 

Thank you for being steady, strong, patient, and kind.  All my best and I hope that you enjoy your weekend. 

It’s always a great day to be a Spartan…

Mark Beebe






Good Evening Spartan Students and Families,

It has been about a week since I have reached out.  I wanted to give you a little break from hearing from us, well me, and hopefully focus in on our distance learning and your own lives.  I always want to begin by telling ALL in our Spartan family how much we appreciate your faith, support, and understanding during these extraordinary and difficult times.  I also hope that this note finds you as well as you can be.  You certainly are all in my prayers and thoughts daily.  

As we enter May and the sun begins to shine a bit longer each day, I am hopeful that at the very least we have that to look forward to each day.  Our distance learning plan is a work in progress. Our staff meets every Monday via Zoom to go over any and all elements that arise.  I also know that our teachers are in contact with each other daily via email, text, and phone.  I am immensely impressed in such a short time we have figured out a way to educate in a completely different format. Please know that all of our Spartan staff would much rather see and interact with our students daily.  I am optimistic that in the next few weeks leading up to May 29th that we will continue to positively impact this situation for our students. 

Speaking of May 29th, I am still hopeful that we may be able to have students on campus (the last week of school)  in a very controlled setting to say ‘hello’ and goodbye’ and pick up yearbooks.  Today the Yuba / Sutter health department issued an updated order.  In this new order schools are still closed but there are a few public relaxations in the order for personal, business and other economic interests.  I am including the link to their website here: https://www.suttercounty.org/

I am sure that many of you have questions for the end of this year and certainly for the beginning of next year.  The messages from the state have begun to become a bit confusing again and for that I apologize.  Unlike the massive information train of a month ago, until there is definitive message that is concrete and viable, I will only deliver information to you that is relevant and actionable.

Here is what I know for sure:

• We are physically shut down until May 29th.  Grades will be due that day. I am hopeful that the ten-person rule is relaxed by then for an end of the year connection of ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. More information to follow.  

We have multiple plans for graduation, honoring and spotlighting our seniors. We will inform our seniors and their parents this weekend and provide information to all on our website. 

No one has suggested or directed at any level of government that we will return to normal operations at school this year. 

I have no plans nor have been directed to come back in July as the Governor mentioned or to reopen before our intended opening date in August. Until information is delivered, digested, and evaluated, we are preparing for a regular opening. 

August is a long way away in terms of time.  We will have plans in place for multiple contingencies, but obviously our goal is business as usual with safety as our backdrop.  

Yuba Sutter Health dept. is announcing an updated directive today. https://www.suttercounty.org/ 

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond has set up a committee that has multiple superintendents, education professionals, classified professionals, community leaders, along with significant CTA involvement regarding schools opening. I am hopeful that their work is rapid, flexible and easily digested. 

For information. Many Governors (ours as well) and local county leaders are using the John Hopkins model (see below) for the phased reopening guidelines.  

As always our students, staff and community’s health and safety will drive all decisions.  

Link to the Johns Hopkins report (Public Health Principles for a Phased Reopening During COVID-19: Guidance for Governors) https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/pubs_archive/pubs-pdfs/2020/200417-reopening-guidance-governors.pdf


Article summarizing the report:  https://hub.jhu.edu/2020/04/17/roadmap-for-governors-report-center-for-health-security/


There is a growing sentiment that our state will reopen in various phases and with different dynamics due to the COVID concentrations in various county’s.  I surface this as you may hear and or read of one state, county, and even district doing this or another doing that.  There are no ‘one size fits all’ and various local systems will begin making decisions under an umbrella of guidelines in due course. I always want our Spartan community and family to know that your health and safety are my highest priority.  


I apologize for the length of this email and I truly hope that you are well and finding your way.  As I have told everyone that I run across in our Spartan family…..’We miss you”…


Have a great weekend and remember It’s a Great day to be a Spartan. 


Mark Beebe





Good Evening Spartan Seniors and Families,

I hope this message finds our families as well as can be. Students I also hope that you have logged in to your google classes and had as best as possible first week of distance learning and Zooming.  Now that we have our distance learning plan up and running, I wanted to reach out and tell you that we have now rapidly and with great enthusiasm shifted our focus to recognizing our seniors in various ways and over time.  Our staff has reached out to you this week to ensure that we can use our senior’s facial images in multiple public and respectful ways. Thank you for your responses.  I would like to acknowledge and fully support our Grad Night committee, and multiple others in our community for their enthusiastic ideas and we sincerely thank you for your efforts.  We look forward to our continued partnership with ALL groups as we undertake this celebration of our 2020 Spartans. There are 100’s of ideas all across America that schools and communities are performing to honor the graduates of 2020.  Like all leaders, even many in our area (myself included), we will be taking these ideas, creating new ones, and adapting them to our community.  Our Be the Light Challenge actually began in Texas but it is now widely used everywhere, with ENHS being one of the first in Northern California to ‘borrow’ this idea. We have been turning on our stadium lights at 8:20 until 9:00 for about three weeks now.  The reason for this is that under military time 8:20 is 20:20 with two 20+20 minute segments of lights on lighting the way for our students’. As one of our community members said this weekend, ‘we are East Nicolaus and we walk our own path, celebrate in our traditional Spartan / Nicolaus style, and we always stay united’. 

Please know that our senior Spartans of 2020 hold a deep and special place in all of our hearts, especially yours.  I want to give my respect to ALL seniors, parents, schools and staffs across our great country and wish them best. ; however we will squarely focus on celebrating OUR amazing Spartans.  We are planning a celebration of our seniors and their efforts over the 13 years of their lives by implementing a number of ideas each week until the end of the year as we have now extended our closure to May 29th.

We confidently and enthusiastically feel that continued and constant recognition over the next 5 to 6 weeks will showcase and sincerely spotlight our Spartan Senior class of 2020.  We have set up Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok pages where we will showcase these ideas as we implement them in and around school and Nicolaus community. The ENHS admin team will be visiting each of our seniors’ homes over the next couple of weeks.  We want to say hello, check in, and see our seniors face to face with social distancing and safely of course. We will also be filming a quick video that we will edit and place on social media after we see each senior. The ENHS admin team visited 9 of our seniors today and have made arrangements to visit many more in the next few weeks. Our front office team spent a significant amount of time on a project today on the fence of the Big Red football field along Pacific Avenue. Please check it out on Instagram and very soon on Facebook.  Here are the various social media accounts.

Facebook:  East Nicolaus High School

Instagram: enhsspartannation

Tik Tok:      enhsspartanofficial

A few items though to announce.

• Due to governmental social gathering directives that are not likely to ease by May 9th, the Prom will need to be postponed but we have ideas to possibly hold this event physically in the summer.  We are also developing ideas to have a unique virtual prom and use various social media mediums.

As all the major amusement parks have closed and governmental directives against large gatherings make it is highly unlikely senior sneak will happen. We have been in contact regarding a refund and will inform you as soon as we hear. 

We have also begun to develop multiple and creative ideas for our 2020 Graduation. We have a few exciting working ideas (NOT VIRTUAL) and may incorporate all of them as directives ease from our governmental and health dept. leaders.  I know this is an extremely important aspect to our seniors, our families and our ENHS staff.  We will have to be creative but I am deeply confident that we have come up with some extremely creative and interactive ideas. We will share these ideas very soon when we have the details mostly worked out.

I hope this message finds you well as can be, being safe, and finding your way in this unique situation. From All of us at East Nicolaus we miss you and wish you our very best. 


Mark Beebe



Hello Spartan Students and Families,

Good Evening, 

I trust this message finds you as well as can be and healthy. As you are certainly aware, East Nicolaus physically closed until May 1st and have begun instructing our Spartans via a distance learning plan as of April 20th. Although the coronavirus situation has begun to slightly ease thankfully, it is obvious that we will be unable to return to school on May 4th safely.  Federal and State directives, coupled with Health Department guidelines, are consistent in their directives that schools remain closed.  Many systems around us and certainly in the state have closed for the rest of this school year.  I continue to nurture hope that we might be able to have at least one moment on campus before the end of the year for our students and staff to say hello and goodbye before summer begins. With that in mind and in consultation with the ENHS School Board, we have decided to extend our school closure until Friday May 29th.  I am being incredibly optimistic that we would be able to have our students come on to campus in a controlled setting for a period of time to at least ‘see’ each other and say ‘Hello’ during our last week of school.  We are the East Nicolaus High School Spartans and I am confident, as long as it safe to do so, that we can figure out a way to bring this ‘moment’ to our students. I am equally hopeful that in the next five weeks much will change for the better as our country and citizens heal. Although I am hopeful, please know though that the health and safety of ALL in our Spartan community will always guide my decisions.  

What does the above mean:

Distance learning will continue until May 29th.  We seem to be off to as good start as I could hope with a new learning platform and internet connection issues. Thank you for your patience and support. Please always check our website at:eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us

Due to restrictions on large social gatherings based on governmental directives, our Prom on May 9th is postponed but we have ideas to hold this event physically in the summer.  We have also developed ideas to have a unique virtual prom and use various social media mediums. 

As all the major amusement parks have closed and governmental directives against large gatherings make it highly unlikely senior sneak will occur, if this is the case the further we approach that date. We have been in contact regarding a refund and will inform you as soon as we hear.  

I will be sending a message to our senior parents and families outlining a broad and consistent series of events and spotlight activities that ENHS staff have planned in conjunction with our community partners to honor our seniors over the next 5-6 weeks. 

We have also begun to develop multiple creative ideas for our 2020 Graduation even a traditional one in the summer. We have a few exciting working ideas (NOT VIRTUAL) and may incorporate all of them as directives ease from our governmental and health dept. leaders.

I am deeply hopeful that one day soon I will bring you good news but until then, I want to end with a Big Shout out of THANKS to ALL in our Spartan Community for the strength, support, effort, faith, and understanding as we navigate these difficult and unprecedented moments in our modern history.  

As Always Thanks for All you do,

Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal




Hello Spartan Families, 

Firstly, Happy Friday and I hope this message finds you well.  What wonderful weather we are having and I am hopeful we all take a brief moment to see the beauty in our world. I wanted to thank you for being so patient and understanding while we implemented and created our distance learning plan.  I have learned in my lengthy career in education that going slowly, carefully weighing as many options as possible and always thinking of our students first and foremost in any plan are crucial components that will impact our young Spartans, our staff and certainly you as parents. There is no perfect plan during this time, but there are plans that make sense.  I believe that we have presented you with one that does that. I sent a letter out to our Spartan Seniors and their parents last night. I will be sending out similar letters to our Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors over the next three days as well.  

As we begin our distance learning program on Monday April 20th, I have no doubt that there will be bumps, issues, and problems that we will solve in time and on the fly.  We have delivered over 100 chrome books to our families and multiple hot spots in the last three days. It was great to see many of our students and parents. This is a complete redesign in our regular learning model in a matter of days. The East Nicolaus High School staff is up to this challenge on all levels from our instructional staff, to our office staff, to our maintenance and tech personnel, and our administrators.  We will meet this challenge to the best of our abilities. To many whom I have met and become acquainted with, two things I hope stand out. I place our students first and I will never cease in my service to our students, staff, and community’s needs. We deeply miss our students, our parents, and hope they are doing well. You will get our best.  

I have delivered a significant amount of information to you this week.  Again thank you for being patient. Communicating to large groups of individuals is difficult in the best of times, but I am asking you to literally change how you receive information in a very short time. I love the personal and connected nature of our school.  It truly is one of our strengths; however, until the social distancing and shelter in place directives are lifted that is difficult. Going to our web site at, eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us, is where much if not all of our information for distance learning is loaded and available.  Tech assistance, email, Google Classroom passwords, previous messages, and other items that should help you are there.  Much like our website, we are working on retooling our physical communication system so that your phone calls are directed to the right people and place so we can get back to you in a timely manner.  A few emails and phone numbers for your convenience:

Web Site: Eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us 



Our Phone number 530-656-2255—we are hopeful that by Monday, when you call it will link you to the various people that will answer your questions and or get back to you in a timely manner. 

I truly hope that all of you are as well as you can be.  There are really no words that make sense other than I am grateful that I lead such a strong and passionate staff, have an opportunity to be around such amazing students, and engage with an incredibly supportive community.  

All my best, enjoy your weekend as much as you can, disconnect, relax, and as always--all my hopes, prayers, and best wishes…

It’s always a Great Day to be a Spartan…

Sincerely Yours, 

Mark Beebe

Extremely Proud and Humbled Superintendent / Principal of East Nicolaus High School






Dear Senior Parents and Spartans,

There is nothing that I can write or say that will soothe your concerns or even answer the most pressing questions you have right now. At the end of this email I will have a few answers for you though. You have spent 12 years coming to school with the prospect of enjoying high school and certainly the last few months of your senior year to enjoy all the time, effort, and dedication that you have put in to your educational journey.  This journey is a culmination of over 80% of your current life span and for your parents their dream and hopes of watching you end your high school career while moving on to the next stage of your life.  I have been an educator for 30 years and my heart absolutely aches for ALL of you in this incredibly complex and tragic time in your and our lives.  There are many slogans out there and catch phrases that apply to our students and especially our seniors in high school and college.  All of you have known me for two years and I am a rather simple, gentle, and supportive leader, or at least I hope that I am.  I have two mottos that I live by in my life and both were instilled by my late and beloved father.  I never, ever give up and or quit on serving my students, their families, my staff, family and friends; and I always show up, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it is to do so. 

Your journey will have a definite history unlike any other in modern education save for the times during WW II.  That statement is not meant to be a compliment, a pat on the back, or badge of honor.  It is meant to state a fact and one for you to remember, always.  You are the future and I am sure that you will never forget these moments and how it impacted you, your family, and your friend’s lives.  Every generation has a moment where they are tested and each generation has succeeded as we are still here figuring it out and fighting for the American Dream.  I truly hope that this is YOUR moment and you will never have to endure this life changing moment again.  I have no doubt and full confidence that ALL of you will move on and have amazingly productive lives. Although a small consolation I and we think of you daily and just wish I could make this all go away.

So with that being said here are a few answers I do have:

·        As of now we are still closed until May 1st, but quite probably for the rest of the year based on the recent guidelines by the federal, state, and local governments. 

·        All senior projects for ALL seniors are considered completed and successful.

·        Per the CDE, All seniors who are on track to graduate WILL graduate.  From my seat, those of you who have an ‘F” in English and or Gov’t / Econ will be contacted by Ms. Yocum, Mrs. Evans / Patrick and or Mr. Roddick. If you happen to have that grade be proactive and get in touch with your teachers.   They WILL help you I promise. Please also see the Grading outline I sent out earlier this evening.

·        If we close for the remainder of the year, the Prom, Senior Sneak, Graduation, and Grad night are I’m sure your main areas of concern.  There is nothing that says we can’t still have those events (senior sneak presents to many issues that may be difficult to solve) but the other events for sure can happen later in the summer or even next fall when social distancing and stay at home orders are relaxed.  I am WIDE open to all possibilities. 

·        It would be easy to blow off your classes for the next two weeks and even the remainder of the year, as most of you had passing grades on March 16th.  As I said about my motto in life, I never give up and I always show up.  Your teachers wants to see you, your friends want to see you, and it’s not much time in your day to finish the year as strong as possible.

I am unable to truly express how sorry I am that this situation picked your time and journey.  In the midst of all of this tragedy worldwide, it has a feel of events that we cherish being taken from us.   You will thrive and will figure this out as we all will.  We struggle, we fight, we never quit and we always show up. 

Think of me Yelling,

It’s a great day to be a Spartan……

Your humble Superintendent / Principal

Mr. Beebe


Dear Spartan Students and Families,

Good evening Spartan Families and students. I truly hope this message finds you as well as can be expected.  Tonight's message will be about our grading expectations.  There is no system anywhere that has truly perfected their response. I have tried to balance this situation with flexibility, expected engagement, accountability, and with our student’s best interests at heart. I am sure that many will wonder why this way and others are doing it this way. We will be flexible, we will work with our students, and we will guide them through his.  We do need our Spartans to access their Google classrooms and engage with our staff and the assignments as much as possible based on the schedule I presented yesterday.   So as a recap, in response to the extended suspension of normal district operations due to the Covid-19 health crisis, ENJUHSD leaders and staff have spent the past few weeks developing a Distance Learning Plan, Expectations, and Grading platform.  Our aim for learning to continue as successfully as possible, with support and feedback for all students, while also ensuring that no student is negatively impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a reminder, ENJUHSD closed its schools on March 16th, 2020. The ENHS Distance Learning Grading Expectations include work assigned on or after April 20th and will be in effect until at least May 1st and very possibly for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  The California Department of Education (CDE), in conjunction with the University of California and California State University decision to allow Pass/Fail grades on transcripts, has affirmed that each school district has the local authority to determine the grading criteria that best fits the needs of the district and its students. ENJUHSD staff, including teachers and administrators, thoroughly considered all the current conditions that could influence any decision about grades.  We are confident that the adjusted grading expectations outlined below will meet the needs of our students in these complex times. We are also committed to understanding that this situation is unparalleled in our time.  We will be understanding and flexible in this situation.  All we ask is that our Spartans, like always, do their best, be kind, and ask for help.

The Distance Learning Grading Expectations and Important Dates are detailed below and on our website.  Should you have questions, please email us at spartan.questions@eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us or need any technology help please send an email to tech.help@eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us so we may assist.

Sincerely Yours,

Mark Beebe

Superintendent Principal



  We plan to support our students, families, and staff by:

     ●       Balancing compassion, rigor, support, and flexibility;

     ●       Focusing on priority skills and checks for understanding that prepare students for the next level of learning; 

     ●       All completion based projects and assignments.

     ●       Allowing students to show their understanding in varied ways;

     ●       Prioritizing meaningful feedback to students about their progress; and

     ●       Organizing learning environments so students who are at risk of not meeting academic targets will be closely monitored and supported.

  Secondary Grading Expectations:

     ●       Progress report grades will reflect the grades posted on March 16th and be mailed by April 24th.

     ●       Teachers will enter student grades in the Aeries gradebook just as they did pre-COVID. 

     ●       Grades will still be displayed in Aeries as letter grades and will remain so until final grades are posted.

     ●       Final second semester grades will be recorded as Pass/Fail, to be posted to student transcripts.  However, parents and students will have the option to replace the Pass/Fail with the student’s final letter grade, to be posted to their transcript.*

    *Information will be coming out soon to allow a parent to change the student’s final grade to a letter grade at the end of the semester.

 The table below can help parents understand where their student’s March 16th grade status fits in these grading expectations.  Per the CDE guidelines requiring the District to hold students harmless, if a student is passing each class prior to March 16th the student cannot fail any of those classes (see scenario table below).




Good Afternoon Spartan Families,


Today I am sending out our schedule for next week and beyond depending upon the circumstances.  This schedule was developed with significant input from our staff, students, parents, and other systems that have had success.  There is no ‘perfect’ schedule during this time but we feel this gives our staff and students the best chance for our hopes of being engaged. We have focused on a consistent start time, a modest time spent on line, and roughly 2 hours of education assigned per class per week.  I am also including directions on how to access Google classroom.  Tomorrow I will be delivering our grading, credits, and graduation status plan. 


‘Class” Schedule:

Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 to 9:45 and from 12:00 pm to 12:45, and on Thursday will be 9:00 am to 9:45, we will have ‘office’ hours for students that may have questions for any period.  Teachers  may adjust this on a personal preference basis though

Monday: All Instructional staff  will connect with students in Google Classroom through Google Hangouts / email (your preference) to say ‘Hello’.  This may be a global email to each class, a video, or combination for whatever they feel is most comfortable to connect. This will connect students digitally with all of our students and allow our staff to assign and deliver brief outlines on the work assigned for each week in your own unique manner.


o   Assignments will be delivered in Google Classroom / and or other means by 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Some teachers may assign a zoom meeting if they feel a broader delivery is required.   



o   Office Hours: 9:00 am to 9:45

o   Period 1: 10:00am-10:30 am

o   Period 2: 11:00 am-11:30am

o   Office Hours: 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm



o   Office Hours: 9:00 am to 9:45

o   Period 3: 10:00am-10:30 am

o   Period 4: 11:00 am-11:30am

o   Office Hours: 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm



o   Office hours: 9:00 am to 9:45

o   Period 5: 10:00am-10:30 am

o   Period 6: 11:00 am-11:30am

o   Period 7: 12:00 am -12:30pm



o   All work due


Office Hours as needed by email, follow-up zoom meetings if needed, make-up, and assignments due (although some staff may stagger their assignments). If staff has assigned a bigger/longer assignment, then this day may be used for extra meeting times if necessary. 



Having trouble getting into your Google Classroom as a student?

First step is to login to your school email account from a google browser.

Next step, look for the "Waffle" in the top right corner of the screen.

Click on "Classroom" in the pane that opens.

In the next window, look for a "Plus sign". Click it to Join a classroom. The class will appear in your "Grid" ready for your next use.

The new classroom will be there for you next time you need it.


Need a Join Code? Your teacher can supply it or you can find what you need here https://www.eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/?q=node/447

Here is a link to a full tutorial from Google...




Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal






Hello Spartan Families,

I hope that your Easter Sunday and week were as comfortable as you could make then during this incredible time.  I sure do miss all in Spartan nation. Our new normal begins today. I will be sending out communication every day this week and at times additional emails that are specific to each class. As of now we are still closed until May 1st until further notice.  There is a great deal of information out there about reopening our country.  As I have mentioned I will not place any student, staff, or community member in danger.  We will take our directives from Federal, State, and local county guidelines plus health department recommendations.  and I wanted to reach out and outline our week’s schedule.

Please take our survey by pasting this link at: https://forms.gle/qAEvnb1Y5v3dLrXH7

Today is a teacher professional development day.  Our staff will have multiple virtual meetings by content and overall.  We have worked very hard on a distance learning plan that takes into account multiple aspects that we have researched and reviewed from multiple points of view, most notably our students, staff, parents, and districts who have witnessed success.   Our work and plans would be considered flexibly organic as if it doesn’t work after a period of time, we will adjust and make it work for our students. 

Wednesday through Friday our staff will be reaching out to our students through their Google classrooms. Our staff will work with our students to ‘practice’ and initiate the best we can how to utilize Google classroom and other means.  We will also be handing out devices to students and families who do not have one at home.  If you have not taken our survey on our web-site at eastnicolaus@k12.ca.us, please do so asap. We are still short a few responses from families. Our website has been completely retooled and redesigned to allow for ease of navigation and functionality.  If you find it impossible to connect digitally after this week please reach out to us and we will come up with different solutions. 

Monday April 20th we will go live with our distance learning platform.  We will have a schedule that will be the same each week.  We have taken into account multiple observations from others, our students and our staff regarding what we think will work best.  Please remember that we are almost reinventing education in a short time period.  There are going to be bumps and many questions.  We will be slow, prudent, and flexible.  I am preaching to our staff that ‘less is more’, be flexible and understanding that this is truly a different learning platform than any of us have ever encountered. 

Let’s recap…

·        I will deliver information this weekregarding:

o   Weekly schedule beginning April 20th.

o   Directives from the California Department of Education regarding and our own plan for this spring semester: Grades, credits, graduation status.  Per the CDE guidelines

o   Continued checking our web site for information at eastnicolaus@k12.ca.us.

o   We will still be handing out lunches on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Next week we will change a bit.  Notices will be on our web site.

o   There is still no word yet on our end of the year activities.  I remain hopeful. 

·        What I could use from our students / parents this week. 

o   Students should Log into their Google classrooms when promoted to do so by their instructors beginning on Wednesday.

o   Parents and students should begin checking our website at the end each day for updates and notifications. Good habits.

o   If you have not yet taken our survey regarding chrome books and a need for hot spots please do so. 

I love to reference that ‘A 2000-mile journey begins with one step’.  I never knew how accurate that belief is until now.  We will go step by step. 

All my best,

Mark Beebe




Hello Spartan Families,

Pardon the length of this email. As we enter the Friday eve of our regular scheduled spring break I wanted to reach out and say Hello.  I can’t imagine what our families are going through and will offer my hopes, prayers, and deepest best wishes.  This has been an unprecedented last few weeks here at ENHS and around our world.  I was hoping to be able to announce that I look forward to seeing all of our Spartans on the 14th and looking forward to that moment.  As we have made the decision to stay out now until May 1stour staff this week has been on a rapid treadmill and digging deeply into organizing their Google classrooms, offering educational opportunities, practicing on Zoom meetings with students, and preparing for our distance learning program.  This is a significant and fundamental educational shift in the middle of a worldwide crisis.  I am very proud of our staff for ramping up so quickly after we extended our closure this past Monday evening. Please know that all of us at ENHS deeply miss our students, each other and our daily interactions with our Spartan community. 

After spring break on Tuesday April 14th after a virtual meeting with our staff, I will send out more specific directives regarding the how, what, when, and why of our distance learning program. Please know that this is a significant instructional change and we will encounter a few bumps. I have encouraged our staff to be moderate, flexible, and work with their students and their families.  I am completely confident they will work with all of our Spartans and their families.

Here are few details of note though:

   •  Our lines of communication will change due to ‘shelter in place’ and’ stay at home’ government directives  Although we are still available by phone and email, it is important that all of our parents and Spartans look to our website http://eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/ for information.  We have been redesigning it daily to make it as user friendly as possible.  I am confident that our website will be the launching point for many in our Spartan community for distance learning as time moves forward.

   •  Please take our survey that is on our website. We are planning on providing chrome books to students who do not have a device from April 15-17. Here is the link to our website  http://eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/ for more information.

   •  Our instructional staff is preparing to offer the best possible education that we can in our current reality.  The rest of our staff is eagerly learning new ways to help, assist, and support our students, staff, and community.

   •  I am deeply concerned about the break in the natural rhythm of a school year on ALL of our students, staff, and parents.  This entire situation is a break from our standard norm and has a large socio-emotional impact.  I am especially concerned about our seniors and their families.  I am sure that you have a thousand questions and aside from distance learning and directives from the CDE on education, I have few answers right now.  I will be reaching out and message students and families by grade level upon our return from spring break.  I will state though I will be OPEN to multiple options and possibilities regarding end of the year activities once we have concrete information.

I am sure that many have heard about the recent recommendations of State Superintendent Thurmond and Governor Newsom in the past few days.  They are saying that it is likely schools will not reopen this school year. Although I certainly respect their positions, we continue to be hopeful that we will be able to return on May 4 and no decision has been made to change that date as of today. However, many districts statewide are announcing their decision to be out the remainder of the year. We and other local districts would like to wait and see how things progress prior to making such a decision but certainly the likelihood of returning this year is growing less hopeful each day on returning given the recommendations from the government and health departments. I want everyone to know in our Spartan community, that WE will not bring any student, staff member and or anyone in our Spartan Community back to school unless we are 100% positive it is healthy and safe to do so, and allowed by the federal, state, and health officials. I will certainly have more information on this issue as time goes forward. 

This still leaves us, our students, staff, parents, and community with many unanswered questions.  I know for certain a few things:

  •  Our teachers will figure out a way to instruct our students with our distance learning. We will absolutely do our best.
  •  Our classified team will answer the phones, work on keeping us up and running and continue to clean and maintain our campus as essential personnel.
  •  We will continue to provide nutrition to our students upon our return from Spring Break.
  •  Our admin team will be on site daily to support ALL staff.
  •  We will make decisions based on the health and safety of ALL in our Spartan Community. 
  •  We will work tirelessly to come up with multiple plans for multiple scenarios (all activities) based on the information that is delivered to us from the federal, state, and local governments.

This situation on every level I am involved in, is very fluid and seems to change daily and almost even at times on the hour. Although it will difficult to go anywhere I want EVERYONE in our Spartan Community to enjoy spring break as much as anyone can right now.  

Three weeks ago I left you with a quote…’Tough times don’t last; Tough people do”.  I find myself in the ENHS Community around the toughest, kindest, compassionate and strongest people I have ever encountered on ALL levels.

I am hopeful that All of you are well as can be and is doing the best you can.... All my hopes

Sincerely Yours, 

Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal




Dear Students, Staff and Parents of East Nicolaus High School

After consultation with local and state health officials, as well as neighboring districts and our county office of education, the East Nicolaus Joint Union School District will extend our onsite school closure through Friday, May 1.

The latest data from public health officials and most recently an extension of the ‘shelter in place’ directive from the federal government, have made it clear that the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus still has the potential to overburden our community health resources, and continued isolation is necessary to slow this spread.

ENJUHSD’s decision follows similar extensions announced in multiple districts and counties in our region whom are making or have made similar announcements.

The May 1 extension, like the original projection of April 14, is subject to change. ENJUHSD will continue to monitor the situation closely and make decisions based on the best information and guidance available from state and federal directives, public health officials and Sutter County Office of education coupled with the health and safety of our students, staff and community.

We understand that the uncertainty of when things will return to normal is very hard on our students, staff and their families, but we must do what will best to protect the health and safety of our students, our staff and our community.

ENJUHSD has been and is preparing a distance-learning curriculum and platform that will allow students to continue their schooling while observing shelter-in-place directives and remaining home. The district will build this curriculum with significant input from our instructional staff and administration.  We have sent out a survey to our families and will undoubtedly survey our parents and students on other relevant topics related to distance learning. I am hopeful that we will be able to share the broad outlines of our plans at the end of this week. 

Our focus in building a distance-learning program on what is best for our Spartans and our community -- what will keep them learning and progressing toward their goals. That requires all of us working together and being as flexible as we can – teachers, staff and families.

The ENHS staff will meet this challenge head on as best we can.  Please be patient as we learn our craft in a different way. Students will change the way they learn and teachers will change the way they teach. All of us have important jobs to do in this time of unprecedented challenge. I have no doubt that our Spartan students and staff will adapt and lean in to this unprecedented educational challenge and current environment. It is crucial that we continue to connect in positive ways as WE are truly all in this TOGETHER.

ENJUHSD will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will update our school families and community as more information becomes available.

Please continue to be safe, stay home as much as you can, and take care of yourselves. 

Always remember….It’s always a great day to be a Spartan…

Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal

12:00 pm










Hello and Good Afternoon Spartan Families,


I want to thank everyone for your patience and support during these incredible times.  Although I usually send you information on ENHS matters, I want to extend my heartfelt and deep concern for what our students, staff parents and community are enduring at this time. This situation is impacting ALL of us as well all of our families, friends, and loved ones. I think of all you on a daily basis and although that is a small piece of our lives, it does allow for a connection on some level I hope.


I am also hopeful that our students have been able to access many of their educational opportunities provided by our staff in their Google classrooms and other means. I am hopeful that our students are ‘practicing’ in this area in case we have to instruct in an online format for a time period. As much as we can and are creative, I truly think it's important that we stay connected to each other and our students in the best possible way we can during this time.


ENHS has their own tik tok page @enspartansoffocial


Our first video is delivering lunches...:)


We had 5 families pick up lunches yesterday.  I am hopeful that as word spreads that more of our families will take advantage of these opportunities.  Tuesdays and Thursdays at Watson Cold Storage (11:00 -11:30) and Sammie’s (12:00-12:30). 


You will begin to hear or have heard about other counties, systems and districts around us extending their school closures out until May 1st, with a hopeful return on May 4th. I have been discussing this possibility with Sutter County and our ENHS board over the last few days and we will have an ENHS board meeting on Monday evening at 6:00 pm via teleconference to decide on a course of action. 


Although I mentioned this in my message on Tuesday, we have been diligently planning for this possibility. Our current plan (returning on April 15th) fits well into this scenario as we have been preparing for the possibility if we had to move to blended, online, and hybrid learning.


We will surface our plans (Chromebook roll out, information on internet access, best practices for google classroom, and distance learning tips, grading, credits, etc.) for the week of April 14-17 midway through Next Week to give our families time to plan and prepare.


Iwould strongly suggest that during this upcoming week that our Spartans 'practice' as much as possible with this online format and Google classroom.


This ‘reality’ is still a long way off in our current reality and much can change, but it would appear this is the direction we are heading now.


I hope this note finds you well.  As always I miss our daily interactions and seeing all of our students and parents as they come into the office...


Please continue to practice social distancing, stay at home as much as possible, wash your hands and be safe. 


Please take this survey as we have had many responses but certainly we would like to hear from ALL of our students and families.  


Here is the link for our survey.  Please take some time to compete this.




Sincerely and Deeply Yours,


Mark Beebe


Superintendent / Principal






 Good Afternoon Spartan Families,


Hello All,


Firstly, Make Sure After Reading this Message you take our SURVEY that is at the end.


As we enter week 2 of our school closure I wanted to say Hello and send my warmest thoughts, prayers and hopes.  We are experiencing an unprecedented sequence of events that have impacted us on every level of our lives.  We all will deal with our new reality and normal in our own ways, but one area that I absolutely know must be continually nurtured and monitored is that WE are in this together. I am never surprised at the deep and hearty condition of the human spirit. I think and miss our students, staff and community on the hour and daily.  I wonder what everyone is doing and how they are feeling.  Last week I wanted to let everyone deal with this situation on their own terms and level. My concern was on the social emotional level as this truly unprecedented situation impacted all in our community on so many levels of the human condition. In this time of no contact we must find different ways to connect with each other.  So with that being said as we continually navigate our current 'normal', what does this look like on the educational side? 



I feel it is time to begin to explore how we may deliver instruction and 'connect' with our students. 



·Please know that we are still hopeful we will be back on the ground on April 15th, but we must begin to prepare for multiple eventualities.   


·I have had discussions with our teachers this week to offer content for our students through their Google classroom and on our website, eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us, for the next two weeks. At this point all enhanced educational opportunities are ungraded and optional, but we wanted to extend opportunities for learning during this school closure. This obviously creates some interesting dynamics in terms of student interest, but it is good practice for all of us. Some of our staff have already shared information with our students and I thank them!!!!!  There are multiple different plans being utilized by various districts around the state.  Their plans are based on numerous variables.  We are developing a plan that we feel is best for our community and our students’ specific needs.  For now, I want to emphasize that for the next 8 days or so leading to our spring break, this type of learning is good practice for a possible, I repeat possible outcome. After taking the survey (see below) we will be able to determine who will need a device and or internet capability; however, during this ‘practice’ time if you are interested in a device and have internet capability then please reach out to me by email.


·We have already begun planning for the potential of having online learning, extended, and blended (packet work) learning. We began that process a few weeks ago.  We will be sending out a questionnaire to our families this week regarding their internet and device (computer at home) capability. I understand that many of our students do not have a device nor possibly good internet at home but they could use their phone during this time to access information. This is not the best, but for now during our 'practice' period it will suffice. Again please email or contact me if are interested in your child having a device at this time. I want to assure you that if we have to move towards an online and blended educational model we have enough devices and a plan for providing those devices as well as low cost internet programs for rural areas.


·We will be dropping off meals on Tuesday and Thursday at our two identified location at Watson Storage (11:00) and Sammie's (12:00). 


·Please make sure that you look on Facebook and our website at eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us for updates. 


·All state and federal testing has been suspended for this year. 


·The unanswered questions will be our activities.  As of right now I have no answers other than we are off until April 15th.  However, I can assure you that all decisions will be based on the health and safety of our students and the directives of the Governor's office. 


I strongly suspect that you have many questions that are unanswered in this message. I wish that I could easily and readily answer your concerns and questions.  Now that we are all closed around the state, things have calmed down a bit but now the questions regarding about what will happen next is on all our minds.  Providing some enhanced educational content and opportunities is what we do in our daily lives as teachers.  What we really miss is our students, our community, and our day to day connection.  I know that many in our community are confused and nervous about their lives.  Please know that WE are too and worry deeply about our students and our parents.  Again WE are in this together and it is now that I have no doubt that WE will find our way collectively. 



Here is the link for our survey.  Please take some time to submit this important survey for our future decision making reading online and distance learning.  








Mark Beebe







Hello Spartan Families,

I truly hope this note finds you as well as you can be. I’m sure that many of you have heard the latest announcement by the Sutter / Yuba health department regarding the ‘shelter in place’ directive. This is the latest event in a period of unprecedented and rarely seen circumstances in our nation, state, and local communities.  As we continue to watch as our lives and our normal routines are affected, I am hopeful and pray that each and every one in our Spartan community is navigating through this incredibly complex situation as best you can.  Our time at school is important as well as events that occur yearly.  The safety and health of our students, community and society are my most crucial concern right now.  Please know that you are never far from my thoughts and I am hopeful you’re becoming prepared for this ‘shelter in place’ directive.

I am incredibly thankful that I was at East Nicolaus during this moment in time and history as our students, staff, and community are amazing in normal times, yet incredible in a time of crisis.  Your support, understanding, and flexibility during this past week, was without doubt awe inspiring.  As I often say to all of our staff, ‘thanks for all you do’.  

With events and decisions unfolding each day, it would be unwise and foolish for me to suggest that ‘we will be doing this, or we will be doing that” in the future.  Right now I, nor anyone else for that matter, have any idea what is going to happen tomorrow much less in four weeks when we are hopefully returning to school on April 15th? You will read and hear about other districts doing this and or that while they are closed. What I do know is that we are planning for multiple outcomes, educationally and activity wise, if our time is extended as the Governor mentioned. I know this does not come anywhere close to answering many of your questions regarding: grades, credits, Graduation, transcripts, Senior Events, and other end of the year activities.  I am hopeful that as time progresses we will begin to have a more direct idea and clearer picture of what we will be able to do and when.

All student grades as of Monday March 16th will be frozen with no new grading and or assignments expected, except for the assignments that had already been collected and not entered into Aeries. Please know that I have spoken and will continue to discuss with our staff regarding how we will navigate this issue benevolently and with our student’s best interests in mind now, as we return, and in the future.

What does all this mean for ENHS?

All I definitely know is that we have a plan to reopen on April 15th, with our staff returning on April 14th to plan and prepare. Essential personnel will be at the site on Tuesday through Thursday, beginning March 17th until April 2nd from 10:00 am to 2:00 p.m. are not taking any visitors at this time but please call us at 530-656-2255. We have created a few ‘banners’ for ease of communication on our website. There is an Academics area for our students to utilize, if they so choose, if they are interested in gaining some insights during this time away.  These resources are optional for now, but I am hopeful that our Spartans will read, write, and do some calculations to keep their minds sharp.   All of these items will be on our website at: eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us

I will reach out and communicate with our Spartan community on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next two weeks, unless relevant and pertinent information becomes available.

Please take care and be as well as you can be.  The following quote is one of my favorites during any difficult time in my life.

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.”
–William James

And always Remember it’s always a Great Day to Be a Spartan

Very Sincerely Yours,

Mark Beebe


March 19th, 2020





Good Morning to All in our Spartan Community, 

Thank you for your patience, support, and consideration during this unique and complex worldwide pandemic.

In light of public health guidelines issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom, East Nicolaus Joint Union High School District will close beginning Tuesday, March 17

School will remain closed at least through April 14th.Classes will resume on Wednesday April 15th

We will continue to monitor this situation very closely, and we will update our community and school families should there be an extension to the closure period following our anticipated resumption of classes on April 15thThis decision was not taken lightly. We have consulted carefully with local and state health officials throughout the past weeks.  Sunday, Gov. Newsom's guidelines related to limiting public activities made closure the appropriate action. As of today the intent of all Sutter County Schools will be to close by tomorrow March 17th. During this closure period, our district's school nutrition services department will attempt to coordinate meal delivery to various locations in our area. Details on where families can pick up meals for their school children will be sent later this afternoon. We also are working to provide optional academic learning opportunities to help students keep learning during this closure period. Specific information on these academic learning opportunities will be announced on our website and by email. 

Please remember to follow all procedures to safeguard your health and that of your family. For more information on these safeguards and on the COVID-19 virus, please visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html


Mark H. Beebe

Proud Superintendent / Principal 

" It's a great day to be a Spartan"

"Be on time, Ask for help, Be Kind"

East Nicolaus High School

2454 Nicolaus Ave

Nicolaus, California 95659


 ' A thousand mile journey begins with one step" 




Hello Spartan Families,

Our district continues to monitor the status of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in California, and we are making daily decisions regarding school schedules and activities.  As of Friday night, March 13th, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Yuba and Sutter counties.

At this time, acting in accordance with the advice of Sutter-Yuba county health officials and the recommendation of the California Department of Public Health School Guidance on Novel Coronavirus, our plan is to keep East Nicolaus High School open and follow regular schedules.

We are aware that a number of school districts in neighboring counties have elected to close their schools. Some districts that have closed schools are in counties with viral situations substantially different than those in Yuba and Sutter counties. On Friday evening, we received information from our county health officials advising us that their strong recommendation is for schools to remain open at this time.

This is a highly fluid situation, and we will continue to monitor it closely. We will inform our school families and our community immediately if there is any change to these plans.

Please see the attached letter from Dr. Phuong Luu, Bi-County Health Officer, regarding the appropriate timing for school closures.


Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal

Attachment - 03/13/2020 - Letter to Superintendents of Yuba and Sutter Counties





Hello Spartan Families,

There is a great deal of information being distributed by various public leaders and agencies in the last few days regarding the novel COVID-19 virus. Governor Newsom today has declared that there will be limits on public gatherings above 250 people and to cancel all 'non-essential' events. The guidance from the Governor’s Office, the CDE and Sutter County Health Dept., suggest and state that mass gatherings and procedures do not currently apply to 'routine school attendance'.  

What does that mean for ENHS? 

The health and welfare of all in our Spartan Community are my primary concern. All of our decisions will be made with that concern in mind and in consultation with the CDE, Sutter County Health, our ENJUHSD School Board and Sutter County Office Ed. We will continue to be extremely vigilant in the cleaning of our common areas and our school in general.

As of yesterday there have been no reported cases in Sutter and Yuba counties. We have been proactive in our messaging, planning and we amend our messages as new information comes to us and we post on our website daily.  At this time ENHS is open and operating normally.  As a small school we are under the 250 plus gatherings for events, although some upcoming community and athletic award events we may need to modify, suspend and or cancel. This is a direct adherence to the messaging from Governor Newsom to the 'social distance' criteria as outlined by the CDC. Please visit our website at, http://eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/, for additional information.

We have developed possible plans for:

    ► As of today Governor Newsom said the last thing he wants to do is close schools; however we have been proactive in developing plans for this possibility.

    ► Sporting events.  At this time we are planning on continuing our spring sports season.  This will be a fluid scenario as time goes on though. 

    ► Activities.  At this point and moving forward until further notice, any non-essential school activity will be judged on a case by case basis.  Any large gatherings, possible 250+, will be suspended and or cancelled.  Smaller gatherings and field trips will be evaluated and judged based on the information that is presented.  We will reevaluate as more information arrives. All decisions will be solely centered on the safety and health of our students and staff.

    ► Students will have many questions regarding the events that impact them directly now and in the future. As of now there are no plans to adjust, suspend, and or cancel Prom, Senior Sneak, and or Graduation. 

Our students', staff, and communities health and safety is our primary concern, yet we also want to maintain a sense of normalcy and stability for our students and community.  As new information unfolds I will let you know immediately and post on our website at http://eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/. As always please feel free to call us at any time if you have any questions, commentary, feedback, and or concerns.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Mark H. Beebe

Superintendent / Principal






Dear East Nicolaus Joint Union High School Community,

Understandably, we are monitoring the increasing situation with the Coronavirus.  The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19 or Coronavirus) is a virus recently identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and is now being spread widely in other parts of mainland China.

Coronavirus cases have now been identified in the United States, including California.  However, according to Dr. Rich. Sutter County Public Health Officer, as of 3/06/20, there are zero confirmed cases and one Person Under Investigation (PUI) in Sutter County.

At ENHS, our top priority is the safety of our students, staff and families. We are closely monitoring official news and updates about the Coronavirus.  We also want to share what we are doing to help minimize the spread of any type of virus:

   ► In an effort to keep our students healthy, we will continue to excuse all absences due to illness and allow students to make up missed assignments.  In an effort to ensure proper diagnosis and any necessary medical care is received promptly, we will continue to encourage families to see a doctor if any member of the family is ill.


   ► As recommended by the Center for Disease Control, ENHS will disinfect classrooms daily utilizing a disinfectant product known to demonstrate effectiveness against viruses similar to the Coronavirus.  We will also be bringing in our custodian on Saturdays for an even deeper clean.

   ► We encourage all students, parents and staff to take everyday preventive actions.  Please wash your hands regularly and avoid unnecessary travel to places known to have Coronavirus outbreaks.

Resources:  As we rely upon information provided by local, state and national health care officials, we want to be sure our Spartan community also knows where to get important information:
   ► California Department of Public Health
   ► Center for Disease Control and Prevention
   ► Sutter County Public Health-- https://www.suttercounty.org/

In addition, updates and new developments will be posted on our website, http://eastnicolaus.k12.ca.us/
Thank you for your commitment to the health and well-being of our community. If you have additional questions regarding ENHS, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, our on-site administrative team, and or Megan and Maria.

Mark Beebe
Superintendent / Principal


A couple of simple fact sheets:

   ► Spanish Version Wash_Hands.pdf

   ► English_Version_Wash_Hands.pdf

   ► Hand_Sanitizer_factsheet.pdf

   ► cdc_cough.pdf


Dated 3/9/2020