Fall Reopening Information


Hello Spartan Families, 

As we leave June and enter July I would normally be wishing you a Happy 4th of July, but in our day to day reality I still WILL!!!!! I hope this message finds you well.  I am sure than many, if not all, of you have questions and concerns regarding what next fall at ENHS will look like.  We have been working on our reopening plan for a while now.  None of us wants to return to distance learning but our return to school will be different in some aspects.  After deep discussions with our ENHS School board, our staff and hearing parent comments on our survey, our main goal is to get our students and staff on campus as safely and as normal as possible as we feel that is what is best for our Spartan students, staff, and community.The following is a broad overview of our plan.  A more detailed plan will be provided in late July. 

We have settled on what we feel allows OUR ENHS students, staff and community the opportunity to be on campus daily as safely and ‘normal’ as we can make it.  

We understand and respect that some families may be uncomfortable at this time sending their child to school.  We have developed an online option for your children. 

We are planning on continuing our transportation as well, however there will be some alterations to this as well due to limited capacity due to state guidelines. 


We are planning on temperature screening as students enter school. We will also rely heavily on our parents to effectively health screen their children at home before they come to school. 

We have ordered significant amounts of PPE for our staff. We are receiving PPE for students from the state and also on our own. We have ordered relevant cleaning supplies and equipment to clean our classes, busses, common areas, and offices between periods and daily.  We have a plan to re-task our custodians to clean during the day.  

We have a plan if a student and or teacher falls ill. 

We have worked very hard to decreases class size to ensure social distancing. This is important as the guidelines are quite clear regarding social distancing. If a class has a sizable enrollment, we will need to use one of our larger spaces for class. 

We have a plan for nutrition. Meals will be a bit different and students will be asked to social distance during lunch. 

I know that the use of masks with children has brought on multiple opinions. I respect all of your opinions. For now, the CDE guidelines suggest masks are recommended / required if social distancing is not possible; however, as of today the state has required masks indoors in all public spaces if you are unable to social distance. I suspect this will be an ongoing dynamic and I will keep you informed.  The recent surge in cases statewide is concerning and will drive future directives and guidelines I surmise.  If I have learned anything during this time, is that change is constant, so please understand that the world of ‘change’ is our new reality for the time being. 

For at least the fall semester our regular schedule will look a little different from the past. We have settled on a weekly block schedule as we want our students on campus every day for as much of the day as normal. The reasons for this are social distancing, minimizing student movement, cleaning rooms during passing, and less congregation. These previous elements are strict guidelines from the CDC, state and county.  

We are planning on playing sports until told otherwise or have no one to play. 

Additionally, the safety of our students and staff also demand that we alter some practices and procedures until it is safe to return to our normal activities and traditions.  I will deliver a more detailed plan by late July. This is all new to all of us so we will plan as well as we can, learn as we go, and assume that change for now is our new constant. Please know that even though we have a plan now I have learned during this process to be patient, simple, and expect change.  As always thank you for your support, flexibility, and understanding. 

As I mentioned last spring, we are truly all in this together. We will embrace this challenge and meet it as head on as we can. We are doing our best to meet the needs and desires of our students, staff and community. I know and feel your frustrations.  There is no past blueprint for this situation so we are making the best decisions that we can with the information we have. This next fall and possibly year is going to take all of us understanding that for now it will be different. We are trying to minimize that difference but the reality is it will be different. I’m sure that all of you have various opinions regarding how our country, state, and county is dealing with the pandemic.  The atmosphere on a societal and political level is charged and allows for passionate emotion.  Please know that our role is to figure out a way to get our students back on campus safely, provide a safe and educational environment for our staff to teach and to conduct business. Our plan will be different than others but so far it is as close to regular as possible in regards to the health guidelines and directives from the state. 


Please be safe, be careful, and be wellHappy 4th of July.  

Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal

July 3rd, 2020