05/31/2020 Superintendent Message

Good Afternoon Spartan Students and Families,

I hope this note finds you well. This message will look similar to the one I sent out last week. Please note that we have made a few changes to our plan.

We would like to propose the following:

  • This week, Monday through Thursday (Freshman June 1st, Sophomores June 2nd, Juniors June 3rd, and Seniors June 4th) we would like our Spartan students to come on to campus for locker clean out, textbooks, athletic uniforms, chrome books, and hotspots. Please have Students arrive beginning at 10:00 am. We are utilizing the student parking lot for entry and exit. We will have red marks on the ground much like in other businesses and will supervise the movement of students to constantly remind them to socially distance.

  • Each student and parent if you come on to campus as well, should have some form of facial covering on (e.g. mask, bandanna, something to cover the mouth and nose). I understand that there are many opinions regarding masks; however, this is a priority as we are following the CDC guidelines as we will be outside then inside then outside. Like many businesses we are waiting for a mask delivery but as of last Friday we have not received them. We have a minimal supply if you need a facial covering.

  • We will have a temperature check station upon students entering campus, we will give each student a mask if they do not have one and then begin the process of having them clean out their lockers. Students will enter the library to return their chrome books, hot spots if you asked for one, and their textbooks. Please see attached Map.

  • If you have any athletic uniforms and or equipment, please bring it during this time as well.

  • We would like to provide a lunch to our students. We will hand the students a lunch as they exit the library and then there is expectation that each student will leave campus at that point to avoid congregation. We anticipate this drop-off and textbook event will take about an hour.

  • We have been waiting and hoping for our yearbooks but I must now announce that I doubt our yearbooks will be here by tomorrow. Multiple production and distribution centers were shut down across the country due to the nationwide shutdown due to the COVID virus. I can only apologize for this inconvenience and in a time when we need to enjoy something positive this would have been a nice moment. I expect them to be here in either mid to late June. We will certainly reach out to all parents and students when they arrive.

  • I completely understand and respect your position if you are even remotely uncomfortable allowing your child to come to school on this day. Please reach out to us privately if you wish to return these items in a more isolated manner. We will certainly accommodate your needs.


  • We will have multiple staff on hand to supervise and assist.

  • Please wipe down all devices, textbooks and wash uniforms please.

  • This is all new to us and for you as well. As we have been doing for roughly 75 days lets be patient, flexible, and understanding as this is uncharted territory.


Mark H. Beebe

Superintendent / Principal