Regarding Possible Power Outages

Hello Spartan Families,

 I hope this note finds you well.  There is a great deal of information regarding the PG&E systematic power outages.  There also seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding who will be affected and who won’t. Additionally there are somewhat conflicting reports amongst multiple news agencies, civic leaders, and other information sources around the state.   This has prompted me to assure you that if there is even a slight chance that we will lose power to our families YOU will be the first to know.  As of now PG&E has not contacted us and we seem to be off their grid, pardon the pun. I know that it seems odd that schools and communities a few miles around us are wrestling with outages but as of today we are not affected.  Again I want to emphasize that if the situation changes we have plans in place to communicate with you, our community, our staff and students to ensure that everyone is safe and will be able to go to school.  If we have to close and or leave early then we have plans for that as well.  Have a great day and no news is good news. 


 Mark Beebe

Superintendent / Principal

East Nicolaus High School