FFA-Sectional Opening and Closing

FFA-Opening and Closing

Opening and Closing is a public speaking contest where teams of up to 7 students recite and preform the script for how to open and close an official FFA Meeting. 350 students and 50 teams were in attendance. 19 of our students competed at River Valley High School in Yuba City at the Sectional Opening and Closing contest.

After 5 years of not placing or moving onto the final round- I am SO EXCITED to share that all three of our teams advanced to the final round. The Freshman Team composed of Bryson Gregory, Kiyana Fapula, Elizabeth Butler, Eliza Magana, Sydnee Schuler, Londyn Gillespie, and Amber Haag won the Overall Champion Novice Team where Eliza and Amber placed Champion Novice Treasurer and Historian. Our Advanced Team composed of Remmington Hewitt, Nataly Miller, Kaitlyn Bullivant, Makenzee Goyet, Celina Rameriz, and Macey Rienthaler placed 5th high team. Our Officer Team composed of Cody Eberhardt, Kendall Osborn, Hannah Yost, Garrett Shell, Hannah Shell, Connor Van Dyke, and Taylor Fisher placed 6th high team. 

We are so proud of our students for their dedication and performance. Please say congratulations to any of these individuals if you see them!