“Strongest High School In America”


Some of the students in weights classes participated in the “Strongest High School In America” contest through USA weightlifting. Over 40 high schools from 20 states participated in the contest. We ended up taking 3rd overall as a school, and we were the top School in California. Mariah Montero and Alexa Doorman both took first in their respective weight classes, and many more placed in the top 5 in their weight classes. Listed below are the students who participated.

Montero, Mariah

Smith, Jill

Butler, Natalie

Faupula, Karizma

Ceasar, Tiara

Castillo, Isabella

Grigsby, Riley

Almond, Ashley

Navarro, Hallie

Price, Savannah

Montano-Chavez, Eunice

O'Connor, Hannah

Shell, Hannah

Faupula, Alilia

Dorman, Alexa

Kaur, Gurbakhash


Chon, Timothy

Burnsed, Wyatt

Koshman, Tyler

Lopez, Cristobal

Lopez, Christopher

Lombard, Tristan

Robinson, Devarius

Alestra, Aaron

Barker, Mitch

Starr, Adin

McLaughlin, Cole

Salcido, Gabriel

Cordova, Jose

Novak, Ian

Dalton, Brian

Hyde, Dyllan