Clubs & Events

Our wide variety of special interest activities give students fun and engaging outlets for their creative energy. 




Club Advisors

Band/Choir Mr. Trever Roddick
C.S.F. Mr. Trever Roddick
Cheerleaders Mrs. Stacy Harvey
Cinderella's Closet Mrs. Alecia Geach
Drama Club Mr. Daniel Priddy
F.F.A. Miss Alanna Smith/Miss Haylee Fonseca
F.N.L. Mrs. Teena Earhart
Impact Club Mr. Chris Foster
Key Club Ms. Kris Bovee’
Rodeo Club Miss Alanna Smith/Miss Haylee Fonseca
Ski Club Ms. Jodi Yocum
Spanish Club Ms. Gail Mitchell
Student Leadership/Council Miss Haylee Fonseca
Yearbook Mr. Trever Roddick
Freshman Class Ms. Jodi Yocum, Mr. Jordan Holmes, Mrs. Sandy Jopson
Sophomore Class

Mrs. Elizabeth Heinberger, Mr. Chris Foster,

Mr. Travis Barker, Ms. Kris Bovee’

Junior Class Mr. Trever Roddick, Ms. Gail Mitchell, Miss Kimberly Arias
Senior Class Mrs. Alecia Geach, Mr. Daniel Priddy, Mr. Neil Stinson